What our students say……
“Tremendous sense of group experience which has bound us together very strongly.”

“I think counselling by e-mail is definitely where my interest lies. I really appreciated the presentations… they gave me lots of good, solid information that I need for embarking on the next stage of counselling by e-mail.”

So glad and reassured to have something in place for me, my family, my client’s, supervisees, staff, and the organisations with whom I have contracts to deliver services for.  Fab resource!

Therapeutic Will

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I found this short course incredibly useful. I have been acutely aware that I should have a therapeutic will in place but really wasn’t sure where to start. This made the whole process much more straightforward. I’d certainly recommend it to other


Therapeutic Will

I found the tutors and administration helpful during the course and beyond. I’ve stayed in touch online through social media, which has been extremely useful!

Supervision Diploma

I found the OLT General Certificate brilliant. I learnt loads and the pace and duration fitted well alongside my practice.

General Certificate in Online Counselling Skills

An in depth and supportively challenging programme. I thoroughly recommend it. I’m very experienced in the online world, I thought, every week was huge learning. Fabulous!  The extra awareness and skill to move into effective therapeutic relationship possibilities is awesome.

General Certificate in Online Counselling Skills

“I loved the freedom and the way we all felt included.”

“I have had almost mischievous fun being a client and I must buy a ‘round’ for both my counsellors.”

“A rewarding aspect of the course has been the ease with which students could have exchanges with tutors and fellow-students.”

“The weekly assignments were good, as were the dilemmas. I enjoyed those, once I gave up performance anxiety!”

“Such a variety of backgrounds, such enthusiasm, some hard work but also fun.”

“I have had a lot of fun, and a lot of learning, and made some strong connections “

“The course has given me the confidence to proceed with setting up my own website, with an awareness of what else I need to learn.”

“The different things I have learned will be really valuable over time, and I feel a lot of gratitude to everybody for that.”

“When tech help was available it was generous and clear, and miracles were worked at the end…….. also it was excellent value for the money. (Not a small consideration.)

“I’m also aware that I’m on the verge of saying goodbye to the course and my fellow trainees. I know many of us will remain in contact either through the new training course, or through Counselling Skyways, but it won’t be in quite the same way. It’s been very intensive and I think we’ve all worked very hard and really helped each other.”

“My ‘known’ counsellor and I have had great fun reflecting on being ‘Mary’ and we have laughed as well as reflected on the serious matter of contracting and its wording.”

“It really taught me the importance of language and its sensitive use when counselling clients with no face to face cues.”

“This term has been a very rewarding and stimulating experience! I have enjoyed ‘meeting’ all of you, and look forward to continuing our new ventures online. Those of you who are leaving us, I wish you well in whatever you do.”

I’ve been practising for 20years and working with technology is definitely my biggest challenge to date! I’m trying to ensure I’m safe and effective for clients and my supervisees.   It’s just getting used to the language and building my confidence to work this way.

Your course is really helpful, it’s given me more clarity.

Many thanks for this feedback its hugely helpful.  I began with a new client using chat this week and it went really well.  I’ve no doubt that this course helped me to feel more confident and effective with this new way of working.


about workshop the Introduction to E-Counselling Skills

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