Offer only open when our diploma course runs. During that time the offer is up on the website and you can apply for it then.

Have you ever thought about trying out being an online client? Maybe to find out if it is something for you as a counsellor or a client.

Right now you can try it out for free. Our diploma in online counselling students are looking for clients to work with. They are already experienced F2F counsellors and they are fully supervised.

You can read some more info below:

In return for volunteering for free counselling, your online counsellor will offer you up to six free online counselling text sessions with one of our students using both encrypted email and a text messenger [like Skype].  At least one of the sessions needs to be a live session using text chat to give our students practice  Online sessions (whether email or live) are expected to take place on a weekly basis.  Your allocated counsellor will agree an individual contract with you before the sessions begin. 

Our diploma students are asked to produce a case study at the end of their diploma (December 2016) and they may choose to use the work they did with you but they will anonymise any identifying details and the case study will only be read by the assessors and moderator, it will not be published anywhere else, either in hard copy or on the internet, including any social networking websites or blogs.  Students are also in regular supervision with their diploma supervisor.  Again, if they present their work with you in supervision they will preserve your anonymity.

If you would like to volunteer to be an online client, please complete the form below, which we will forward to your online counsellor at the time we allocate you.   When we make the allocation we also send you your counsellor’s name and a brief note about them, so you know who they are when they make contact with you.  It’s not always possible to allocate volunteers immediately and we will let you know if this is the case.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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