I recently wrote a new course called Training the Trainers. This was in response to queries from organisations who wanted to be able to train their counsellors in house to work online with clients. Simply doing the General Certificate was not enough to be able to fully train their team and so we needed to come up with something else. We hope in future it is also something we can do with university tutors so that they can pass on the e counselling experience to their own students.

Ideally, counsellors within organisations would come to us directly for training, and if wanting to practice privately, then do the diploma too. Certainly, all our own tutors are trained to diploma level in online counselling, and most to level 7 in online supervision. However, we appreciate this is the best-case scenario and not always possible with a big team.

We do make it clear that Training the Trainers is a course for counsellors to learn and to train others. It is not for them to offer CPCAB external validation for a course or to teach others to go off and train yet more counsellors without coming back to us to do the original course. It does mean though that, having done Training the Trainers, they may apply for a licence to use our training materials within their own organisation.

Training the Trainers is an intensive course as it sits somewhere between the General Certificate course and the Diploma course, with all the knowledge and experience from both gained over a 12-week period. With the amount of experience gained, we promise the weeks will fly by! There are our unique role-plays to gain learn from both counselling from a client and counsellor perspective; our group learning opportunities from practice and self-reflective tasks and discussions in the forums; presentations for group learning and experience of presenting material online; and weekly teaching and learning meetings – an excuse to get together and increase learning in specific areas of e counselling, such as creating a therapeutic space online, ethical and legal issues and supervision.

The course is internally marked based on weekly contributions and online presence in the forums and meetings. It is not externally validated (so no having to complete the Grim Grid!) but it does meet the standards set by the BACP for Training the Trainers for telephone and e counselling written by Anne Stokes.


We have found from students completing our other courses that they started out in e counselling rather uncertain about how it could possibly all work and leaving inspired to work this way themselves. They got significant learning about their own work and insight into themselves from the tasks, journals and discussions, and went away having met new friends and colleagues in this new medium for working with clients and other counsellors.


I’m really excited about starting our first Training the Trainers course in September 2017, meeting and learning from more students who choose to join us at Online Training for Counsellors.

You can get more information about this, or any other of our courses from our website

https://www.onlinetrainingforcounsellors.com or by contacting the directors or our administrators directly.





Warm wishes,


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