websiteI have been mulling over this for some months now and feel that I really need to make up my mind about what I require.

I spent some time looking at creating a website a couple of years ago. As ever, Google was very helpful and produced an array of options – from“how to make a website for free”, to paid options. However, reading through what was meant to be essential step by step guides filled me with dread. There was so much that was unknown to me that I decided to “leave things to another time”. I took the easy option and decided that I would create a Blog instead.

It was meant to be an easier option and to some degrees it was but the last steps needed help and support from a good friend and colleague of mine, Mieke at “Mieke’s Marketing for Counsellors

Since I counsel young people, (both online and face to face), and supervise counsellors who do the same, I decided to create a blog that showed the latest articles and research relating to young people and mental health. This is a subject that I feel passionate about – As I write, the Duchess of Cambridge says the stigma around mental health means that many children do not get the help they badly need.

My blog also including pages that provided a personal profile and further information about myself and my online counselling and online supervision work. I started my blog in April 2014 and have enjoyed keeping it updated.

wireless_mouseHowever, there have been times when I would like to refer a professional or parent or even a young person to a place online where they could find explanations of counselling young people online, the roles of particular services that young people might be referred to, links to relevant websites, books, articles and links to downloadable exercises that might be helpful in between sessions. In essence I feel the need for a friendly, warm website that would help to normalise the counselling process for young people as well as somewhere that parents/carers and schools could visit. Unless I am providing anonymous online counselling, I am also very aware of the importance of creating a dialogue with parents / carers and schools as a way to prevent any feelings of separation from the young person and the counselling process.

So I think I have finally made a decision! I do need to create a website that stands alone from my blog. I know that my “skill” for reading through instructions without understanding a word will not help the process so I have decided to ask Mieke for her professional help and support and to prevent any possible neurological melt down. Watch this space!

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