Did you know that Online Training for Counsellors was established in 2001?  I’m doing some research into the history of OLT and in the spirit of correctly using references this is the registered date according to Companies House.  Obviously, there was a vast amount completed before this date to research what worked online and learn from other pioneers but 2001 feels a good date to recognise.

A lot has changed since 2001 which OCTIA 2018 “A Decade of Technology and Practice –Reflections, Conceptions and Projections” will explore on 17 March 2018.  Previous Directors of OLT, Anne Stokes and Gill Jones are both speaking this year with presentations titled “Online Supervision – where have we been and where are we going?” and “54 kbps and one phone for everything” respectively, exploring their own experiences of change over the last years.

As present-day Directors, Liane, Maria and I also wanted to explore changes given our change of role from tutors on 1 April 2016.  You will notice our logo has changed.  It still feels true to our values and personality and hones into our mission and ever-growing community.  I would call it a refresh; just enough to demonstrate the moving with the times needs by a company that we hope continues to lead the way as a centre of excellence in e-counselling and supervision.

OLT has become the focus of the logo.  It’s our recognised abbreviation and a term of endearment recognised by many in the online community.  This sign of solidarity and the strong relationship students, graduates and tutors hold with OLT was important to demonstrate.  The sharing of data, the robustly researched information which our students receive as tools and training is illustrated by the small circles coming and going from the joined-up wording.  A second shading of grey has been included to compliment the overall orange colour.  Perhaps for me, highlighting how seldom things are black and white when using technology, as in life.  Finally, we kept the orange!  The strength and boldness and not excluding the distinctiveness of orange felt a given to retain.  The shade is slightly different but the impression I hope you agree is the same.  

We are delighted and excited with it and hope you are!

Suzie is a Co-Director of Online Training for Counsellors Ltd, a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Supervisor and Tutor.  She has a face to face private practice in addition to her online therapeutic work.  She holds an executive role with OCTIA Ltd; the annual online conference and is Chair of the Scottish Association of Psychodynamic Counselling. 



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