Amanda started counselling work in 1996 and since then has have worked in a variety of organisational and community settings as a counsellor, Amanda Hawkinssupervisor and trainer. Amanda has a small private practice. Amanda worked for 4 years as Clinical Director at Youthreach in Greenwich. She also initiated the Onside Project in Medway, where she coordinated all therapeutic services for Children and Young people within the area. Amanda also lectured in Counselling at Lewisham College, London. Amanda currently works as the Senior Manager, Emotional Support Services within the RNIB, which is currently building an online service, and is Immediate Past Chair of BACP. In May 2014 Amanda was voted on as Secretary to the International Association of Counselling and has an informed overview of how Online Therapy is developing across the world.

Amanda will talk about how she sees that Online Therapy will impact within a global village context and why this is important for therapists in the UK, both in terms of employment and also ethical considerations.


Thonlinevents-website-logo1 (2)is will be the third in our series “The internet and me” in collaboration with onlinevents.

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