For me the last few months have been infiltrated by loss and uncertainty both personally and professionally. As Director of OLT I have taken the decision to fully immerse myself into online practice. On a practical level this means swapping a comfortable armchair for an office desk and a new laptop! Oh yes, last week without warning my tried and trusted hp decided it was time to part company.

My response was to call in the cavalry to resuscitate it, alas this was not to be, hence I am writing this on a new Mac whilst having the nagging worry about how to save it!
I suspect some of you may have a wry smile of recognition here.

Whilst my dalliances with technology bear little resemblance to recent political uprising, the knock on affect of the referendumMaria result has left many people feeling a sense of shock and confusion “What happens now and what does this mean fort he country” are two of the questions which appear to consistently reverberate. There is considerable focus on the strengthening of or observing the homeostats of the countries boarders, a topic which has the potential to see the break-up of the United Kingdom.

My sense is that the fear of the unknown fuels black and white thinking, catastrophizing and a general gloomy outlook. I confess to being quite young when the EEC market was generated so have little memory of not being part of something greater.

What is clear is that we are in new territory and as practitioners we may have questions around what this means for us and our profession. Working online can mean a borderless world, I wonder if global businesses including our insurance providers still hold that view.

The message offered from rare moments of political unity is one of cautious optimism around a process which will take time. By the very nature of our work many of us will recognise such a statement and realise the highs and lows that underpin such a transition.

I shall watch with bated breath.


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