Hello again… I can’t believe how quickly the time passes. It is a year since I contributed to this blog and in that time there have been so many changes in the world that processing how these changes may impact on us as individuals takes some working out and inevitably is a cause for concern.

 Don’t you marvel at how resilient everyone is?

In spite of this constant change people are adapting and moving on with their lives or if they become stuck people are more inclined now to seek out professionals who are able to release them from their ‘stuckness’.

But I can’t help wondering sometimes to what extent the speed of change is affecting our view of the world and our view of ourselves within it. Do you not sometimes feel that you are on a rollercoaster ride and crave for it to stop so that you can slow down and take stock of what is happening around you?

 I guess as online practitioners we all keep daily logs of our arrangements and of our commitments but I wonder how often you cast your eyes back over the past months entries and reflect on the infinite variety of experiences you have had and how they are impacting on your life now. Some of the experiences will have long since been forgotten, some will bring waves of pleasure delight and others waves of sadness and nostalgia but finding the time to relive these moments is another matter. For all of us there will have been some highs and some lows; some positive experiences and some negative ones but each in their way is shaping our view of the world and our view of ourselves. I wonder what differences you are evidencing in yourself as a result of all the changes. If only we had more time to process, what insights we could glean!

It was deliberating about this blog that prompted me to think about changes that had directly affected me this year and this led me to think about the changes in the ownership of Online Training for Counsellors (OLT as we fondly refer to it). It was OLT that introduced me to online counselling and opened up a whole new world for me. Like so many of you I worked my way through OLT’s various training programmes and suffered the same grave doubts about my ability to manage the tasks, but the warmth of the encouragement and support I received during those challenging days from the OLT Directors is something I will always remember with gratitude. I know I am not alone in feeling this way so I guess that there will be readers amongst you who share the sadness and nostalgia that I felt when we said a fond farewell to Gill Jones and Ann Stokes as Directors of OLT at the end of March.

My life changed the day I enrolled for the OLT General course, (as I am sure yours did too) because I have learned so much in so many ways and the training has led to so many exciting challenges and new opportunities, including being invited to write this blogJ. So a BIG thank you to Gill and Ann. You may not be at the helm of OLT any more but you will always be my inspiration.


Now with Liane Collins, Suzie Mosson and Maria O’Brien directing OLT we welcome a new phase in the company’s development. If you look at the website you will notice that there are new opportunities for further online training which is very exciting and the fact that OLT is in a position to offer these new courses is testament to the success of all the hard work put in over the last decade or so by the OLT team. However, I appreciate what a steep learning curve it has been for the new Directors and I am encouraged by their determination and willingness to make a success of their legacy. Needless to say I wish them good luckJ

Finally, as this is the Christmas edition I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours best wishes for Christmas and good health and happiness throughout 2017.

Warm wishes,

Gill Webb



A local church is putting on an Angel Exhibition this Christmas and the card below is my contribution.


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