Holding the Line


Why Develop Your Remote Counselling Skills?

Practitioners can have strong views and concerns about the quality of remote provision and the range of ethical, legal, and technological issues in remote counselling practice. Where you personally stand in the debate around non face to face counselling might be influenced by your own personal relationship with, and experience of, digital technology. It will certainly be influenced by your experiences. Don’t forget to check back to deepen your understanding of other methods of remote therapy.



The workshop aims to provide a basic evidence-based introduction for mental health professionals of the knowledge and practice of telephone therapeutic relationships.

Content Includes:

  • Remote therapy as a specialism and its history Advantages and disadvantages of telephone counselling
  • Building confidence for the medium and understanding disinhibition
  • Practicalities and realities of telephone based short support
  • The first session
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Assessing suitability for telephone counselling Assessments
  • Contracting with clients Managing risk and safeguardin
  • Developing the relationship Endings
  • Looking after self


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