A SERIES OF TALKS using speakers from Online Training for Counsellors Ltd. (OLT) who talk about how they integrate the internet into their working practice.

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Monday 5 June 2017 1900-2000 (GMT)
Internet Relationships
Online Counselling and Autism.


Online Event Liane Collins

Counselling online can work very successfully with people who are on the autistic spectrum. This is often a group of people who miss opportunities to have counselling due to the difficulties it can present. Working online reduces the sensory input for those with hyper sensitivities, such as eye contact, noise and being in the room with another person. It can allow time to think and engage at a distance. Many people on the spectrum can be much more eloquent in writing, especially around emotional issues, than they can be face to face. It also offers opportunities to work with a counsellor with experience of the autistic spectrum beyond the immediate geographical area.

Liane has worked with the autistic spectrum both personally and professionally for more than 26 years.

John Wilson will be conducting the interview using a Skype video link that will be streamed live to our live video page. You will be able to see and hear the conversation and use the chat room to offer your own comments and questions.

Come and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

To join this talk and ask questions, please visit and register for a free place in the chatroom

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