OCTIA 2018

A Decade of Technology and Practice –

Reflections, Conceptions and Projections

Firstly I would like to wish you all a year that brings you peace of mind, good health and the energy to enjoy all those things that are important to you.

The start of a new year gives everyone the opportunity to reflect and to evaluate; to think about the challenges faced and the goals achieved in 2017 and to determine what is desired from the future in order for the progress to continue. For each of us what we desire will be different but for me one of my desires for 2018 is that the Online Counselling and Therapy in Action 2018 Conference which will take place in Manchester on Saturday, March 17th. will bring together counsellors from all over the world who share a love and a curiosity for working online with clients.

You may think this is a curious desire but it has been an enormous privilege to have been one of the pioneers who have toiled over the last ten years to shine a light on online counselling and to be part of its evolutionary process. OCTIA conferences have always been streamed live and have for ten years welcomed delegates both in the room and online, something other groups are just getting to grips wIth, and it has been wonderful to see how the numbers of online delegates from far and wide have grown over the years as practitioners recognised the value of training to work online and others who did not feel ready to take the step participated in order to learn more.

There has never been any shortage of presenters at these conferences because there are many passionate online practitioners who want to share their experience and their learning using this platform. Ten years ago we relied heavily on literature produced in the US but that is no longer the case. 

What is different about this year is that we have reached a milestone few would have given us any hope of achieving ten years ago and we want to celebrate it.

As the theme for this year’s conference suggests plans are afoot for us to explore and to consolidate the many changes that have been introduced to our working practices  and to consider what the future of online counselling may look like. As always there will be a social time on the evening of Friday 16th and I do urge you to join us in person as this event will not be streamed. This year we are dedicating the evening to sharing our experiences of working online during the last ten years. Bearing in mind that collectively we have shaped how online counselling has developed in the UK it will be interesting and enlightening to witness the journeys each of us has made. I can assure you it has not always been as straightforward as it now appears.

For our celebration of ten years to be  memorable the OCTIA committee wish for you to join us so I am urging you all whether or not you are currently practising to get on board and share this milestone with us. The booking form can be found by logging on to www.octia.org.uk. and if you book before January 16th you will qualify for the early bird discount.

I look forward to meeting and greeting you in March,

Warm wishes,



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