I have a contradictory relationship with my mobile.   A real love hate.  Probably in this I am iphone-518101_1280like many millions. Nowadays I rarely go anywhere without her. Yet I celebrate days when she has stayed at home.  My mobile – she – is a Samsung Galaxy S5.  Slim with a open face and a big smile. As many of you will  know she is young but definitely over 16.  I have many apps on my phone.  The majority are not used.  Even never used.

First there are the apps that came preloaded on the phone. I can’t or dare not delete them.  When I have tried a message from Samsung frightens the wits out of me. “Disabling built in apps may cause  errors in other apps.”  I know I could go to a forum and find out more. I don’t. I can’t be bothered.  Instead I snarl at the very thought of Facebook and Twitter.

Jane HallettAnd then there are the apps that I download. Like the pedometer that I uninstalled this week after a couple of months during which it seemed most of the time not to work. My confidence with apps is so low that rather than delete it promptly on recognising it did not work I felt obliged to hang onto it to ensure that the app was at fault rather than my incompetence using the app being the problem.  And there is my ‘smart measure’ which struck me as a great idea, so I downloaded it. I’ve never opened it 🙂.  The QR Reader was little better.  I have tried to use it. It defeated me 😶. I don’t understand how to use it.  I guess this is significant.  I don’t understand and I don’t have kids who do.  My fantasy is that parents have things explained, so they end up understanding , by their teenagers.  Even at the cost of being thought foolish by your kid this to my mind is a credible deal. The best app I’ve downloaded is the flashlight.  Easy to  operate. Self explanatory. Necessary when walking the dog at night.

With my head angled toward the floor I  confess that my most used apps are patience and canasta.  I can waste half a day without difficulty on these two apps. Not in one lump but within three days?  Nodding. The repetition is  soothing and at the same time cognitively I am mildly challenged by simple arithmetic.  And of course there is the reward of beating the processor. Somewhat like World Championships it is not enough it seems to win.  It is necessary  to respond to the challenger and play again and win again or lose.

Email? Wonderful!. Except for inundation. At work and personally. To the extent that I  wonder if it is worthwhile bargain. Better filters would improve things here. And automatic recognition of unsubscribed mails consequently directed automatically  to junk. Despite these defences the unwanted mails keep coming, penetrating my inbox and nestling among messages I am glad to receive. With her big sister, my lap top, things are easier. Mails put in junk are sent there automatically after 3 or 4. repeats. Sadly I’ve failed to work out how to get the same response from the younger sibling.4

My mobile has a Kindle app. This I adore. I feel a bit of a cheat however.   Kindle is a kindle-254339__180member of the family, another older sister. It is much used and much loved. As everyone I know comments ebooks are simply wonderful on holiday.  And  not  just  abroad  but everywhere you want to travel light.  My S5 has a large screen which suits me for reading. And I love the bookmark facility. However if I had to choose I would choose a book rather than an ebook for the physicality of turning a page.   My Kindle library  is somewhat like my mobile and the books therein a bit like my apps. That is,  too many and some unused  (unread). This is accounted for by my inability to discover a means of deleting a book once read or a sample no longer required.

Heretically I loathe social media. My Facebook account  exists so I can access the pictures of my Great nephew and nieces. In truth I  also access the village Facebook page about once a month. LinkedIn  I  can just about stomach.  I have however little difficulty in resisting the app!

So where am I  left?  Like a couple at Relate, I feel aggrieved by the ignoring of my particular needs.  And I love her.  

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