All OLT courses. The General Certificate & Diploma in Online counselling & Diploma in Online Supervision are 80 hours or more. For more information, please contact us.

We know how difficult it can be to find relevant CPD which will enhance your practice. Short courses often feel like you are only gaining learning at a surface level. OLT courses are designed to allow you to reflect as part of an online group and with the use of journals and tutorials explore where the true learning is. We offer discounts for early booking and instalments are available to allow students to either prepay for their learning or even pay as they go throughout the lifetime of the course.

Many of our courses are validated by CPCAB, the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awards Body plus NCS (National Counselling Society) have Quality Checked our General Certificate in Online Counselling Skills.

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General Certificate in Online Counselling Skills

This is a 10-week course of 65 guided learning hours, 80 hours CPD

Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision (OLT certified)

This is a 6-month course and delivered entirely online. It will explore models and theories that have been developed for face-to-face supervision and show how these can be adapted to work safely and ethically online.

Diploma in Online Counselling

During the Diploma, Course Members integrate their online counselling knowledge and skills with practice. (CPCAB accredited)

Bespoke Course Development

We are experienced in developing courses and workshops which introduce online skills tailored to the requirements of organisations who are already involved on counselling. Contact us for more information.

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Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision (CPCAB accredited)

This course seeks to provide knowledge of various models of supervision and explore how these can be skilfully used to inform the supervisory process both online and face to face.

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