Mind the Cyber Gap

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Mind the Cyber Gap

Workshop Aims

A 7-hour workshop aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists which can be altered to suit all helping professionals who wish to work competently and confidently in this medium.  To explore the practical, legal and ethical issues for counsellors and psychotherapists who are considering working online via video camera.

“This will be delivered over 2 mornings to meet your organisational or agency requirements.”

Workshop Outcomes

By the end of the workshop participants will have been introduced to the practical differences when working online via video camera.  They will have explored, discussed, practiced and experienced how it feels to be both counsellor and client working through this medium.

It is intended as an introduction to video camera counselling only and will not consider other forms of internet connection.

During the training short PowerPoint presentations will introduce issues for discussion including confidentiality online, data transmission and storage, necessary and desirable tools and working in an online environment. There will also be an opportunity for each member of the group to try out a short role-play using video camera.

As with most of our training courses, this workshop will be delivered entirely online via video camera. In our experience, delivering the course this way enhances the experience of the workshop participant. It is desirable if participants work on their own, at their own computer which has been previously loaded with the latest version of video camera. Handouts, where appropriate, will be sent at the beginning of the workshop, using video camera file transfer.

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If you have any questions please contact OLT administrator, Jasmine Lamb, by clicking here.

Cost:                £120

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