Marketing and website courses – By Mieke Haveman

Some of you may know me. I did my initial training with OLT in 2010 and the year after I started working a tutor.
Though I love online counselling and tutoring, I have another passion as well. That is marketing and websites. When I did my initial counselling training I hoped that there would be some sections on how to actually build your practice. From the start I knew I wanted a private practice. As I also have a chronic pain problem working for others is hard for me as I do best when I can set my own pace.
I was so disappointed when none of the counselling and coaching courses I took mentioned anything about marketing at all. And in 2010 the online courses did not include much on marketing either. I found this extremely strange. Wasn’t marketing and knowing how to make and manage a website just as important? I was going to work online and having a flyer or a business card on the notice boards of local shops were not going to bring me international clients.

If nobody was going to teach me those things, I was going to do it myself. First I had a website made for me, in Joomla. It was not bad and the people who made it for me were lovely and kind and did not ask a really high price. But… when it was finished I soon realized that I was never going to understand working with Joomla. Soon after I discovered WordPress and took a few paid courses online and pretty soon I felt this was a system I could work with. At the same time I was also learning as much as I could about Social Media.

I paid for some courses, some more successful than others and most of them American. I learnt the basics but also that the American way sometimes does not work in Europe. And that most of the courses are not geared towards therapists.
By now I had published my website and some therapist friends asked if I could help them out as well. And I made my first downloadable workshop for OLT in 2014. It was on the Facebook business page. People were starting to find me and I enjoyed doing the work. That is when I decided to turn this into a business.

As therapist myself I try to keep the geek talk to a minimum and try to keep my prices down as much as I can. I have seen some pretty expensive courses out there that did not deliver that much.
Now after the summer of 2019 I am opening my marketing university. That is why the downloadable Facebook workshop is no longer available on the OLT page. It will be the first course available on my own university. But I will continue to work with OLT. That is why I am offering a 10% discount to everyone who has ever done an OLT course.

I have a free mini course available if you would like to see if you like my new style of delivering courses. 

The university will open September 1st. If you would like reminders please sign up for my newsletter.

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