20160331_133105On 31st March, Gill and I retired and handed over the ropes of OLT to the new directors, Liane, Maria and Suzie. We had a lovely day with them and the majority of the tutors. Together we reminisced about the origins of OLT and how it has grown, developed and changed over the almost 16 years of its existence. Jane and Gill were there at its birth; I came along a year or so later. We created a colourful collage of what OLT means to each of us. We also made contact with some of the people who have been important in the past, but who are no longer active in OLT – Gill H, Rosie, Brian, Gemma and Pauline. It was great to talk to them, although being in my local village hall, the internet connection occasionally made Skype conversations somewhat fragmented. We had been sent some additions to the collage by people who couldn’t make it. We toasted the old and welcomed the new with fizz and cake – wonderful. Gill and I were also almost overwhelmed by the generous and very thoughtful gifts. What a day! For me, it had been made even longer and better by having Mieke and Jane staying with me at that time.

A couple of weeks later, Gill and I took our long suffering husbands out for a meal to thank them for putting up with us and OLT over many years. They have both been a huge support to us.

So how has life changed? Well, initially not much! Jan and I were still busy assessing portfolios from the Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision (DOTS) and getting the portfolios and reports off to CPCAB. Jan will take over the course now. I know she will do a great job, and take it forward as well. It was nice to have a complementary report from the external verifie20160331_133047r to end my involvement. Well done to the participants of that course too.

Then I was an anchor person for the studio at OCTIA, and running a workshop at the BACP Practitioner Conference at the end of April. I was asked to write articles for forthcoming editions of Therapy Today and the Counselling at Work Journal (one down and one to go!). Oh, and I’m editing a book on Online Supervision. (Subtle reminder to those people who I have asked to write chapters J)

So not much has seemed to change in some ways! In one major way, life has changed enormously. It is wonderful not to have the pressure of needing to check my emails at least twice a day for OLT administrative matters. This is one task that I do not envy the new directors having at all. Yes, I do still generally go online once a day, but I don’t have to do so.

I feel very content knowing that OLT is in excellent hands and look forward to seeing it in its new existence.

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