Introduction to E-Counselling Skills

16 hour self study course  £ 210

“The Introduction to E-Counselling Skills is in four parts, which must be completed in sequence. It introduces you to e-counselling using both text, via email and IM (instant messaging) plus webcam. The learning is self-directed.  This means there are few time restraints and you can pace your learning to suit your other commitments.

The workshop requires approximately 16 hours to complete.  This is divided between researching topics relevant to e-counselling, security and safety, online supervision plus assimilating and expressing your learning on this workshop through completion of an electronic questionnaire.  This allows for practice email responses in addition to noting of thoughts and reflections.  When the completed electronic questionnaire is received, your Workshop Tutor will read and assess the answers.

The workshop comprises 16 Study hours.  We don’t believe its suitable for a therapist to deem themselves qualified, it doesn’t offer a roleplay, however we will accept successful completion of the Intro as a route to our Diploma in Online Counselling.” 

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