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A SERIES OF TALKS using speakers from Online Training for Counsellors Ltd. (OLT) who talk about how they integrate the internet into their working practice.

Monday June 13th 2016 1900-2000 (GMT) 

The Internet and Me – Developing a curriculum for distance therapy

Anne Stokes

This session may sound as if it is mainly for trainers, but hopefully it will enable all practitioners to reflect on whether or how their training met their needs.

Over the years Anne has developed numerous curricula for counselling courses. Some of these have been competency Anne Stokesbased and some not; some have been internally assessed and some externally. Recently she was involved in developing the BACP curriculum for distance therapy, based on their new competences for distance therapy, and as well as courses for training trainers to deliver distance therapy curricula.

As she considers possible retirement, Anne has been reflecting on her experiences over the last 30 years as a counsellor trainer, including 16 years as an online trainer. The following questions have interested her, even though she does not have any definitive answers!
•    Are there differences between curricula for face to face counselling and distance therapy?
•    Or between courses delivered in a traditional f2f setting and those delivered online?
•    What are the strengths and weaknesses of competency based courses?
•    Can distance therapy competences be taught in a f2f setting?
•    How can we balance the desires, needs and goals of internally delivered but externally validated courses?
•    Is there a danger of losing spontaneity and excitement in competence based courses?
•    Are course which are not competence based dodging difficult issues of quality and safety for future clients?

Come and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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