Diploma in Online Counselling
Validated by CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awards Body)

Tutorial team includes:                                              Mieke Haveman, Olivia Djouadi and Suzie Mosson

Criteria for entry to this course: Successful completion of the General Certificate or evidence of a basic training in online counselling from another training provider (routes for Accreditation of Prior Learning are decided on an individual basis).

Dates for 2020-2021

DatesGroup Meetings (compulsory) Hand in Date
Part 1 Starts 1st October 2020

Break December/January

Part 2 recommences: 14th January 2021
Weekly on Friday morningEnd date: 24th March 2021

Submission Date 21st April 2021

Dates for 2021-2022

DatesGroup Meetings (compulsory) Hand in Date
Part 1 Starts 30th September 2021

Break December/January

Part 2 recommences: 13th January 2022

Part 2 recommences: 14th January 2021
Weekly on Friday morningEnd date: 23rd March 2022

Submission Date 20th April 2022

The Reflective Practitioner Online

During the Diploma, Course Members integrate their online counselling knowledge and skills with practice. They will be working as online counsellors receiving clients for counselling and in line with UK counselling practice requirements, they will receive group supervision for their client work during the time the Diploma is running. At the same time, they will explore, research and discuss the challenges which face online counsellors who work with a global client base, considering ethical, legal and health issues from a world perspective as well as considering the different ways the internet may be used for online counselling and therapy. During the taught part of the course, there are weekly discussion meetings using Skype or similar meeting platforms which are held on Friday mornings 8.30 – 10.00 am.

If you have any questions please contact OLT administrator, Jasmine Lamb, by clicking here.

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You can look at a Brief Course Guide to the Diploma by clicking here

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