Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision

Certified by OLT 


Tutorial team includes:  Liane Collins, Olivia Djouadi and/or Suzie Mosson.

This course seeks  to provide knowledge of  various models of supervision and explore how these can be skillfully used to inform the supervisory process  both online and face to face.

Criteria for entry to the course:

Diploma in Counselling
General Certificate in Online Counselling or equivalent
Successful completion of Introduction to E-Counselling Skills, 16hour downloadable course. This can be found under the self study tab on our website.
Access to Online Supervisees (OLT may be able to help)
Online supervisor in place before the start of the course

Diploma dates for 2018-19

DatesGroup Meetings (compulsory) Hand in Date
Part 1 start October 4th 2018

Break in December [Dec 19th]

Finish March 20th 2019
Weekly Essay due 9th January 2019

Portfolio due 17th April 2019

Target group: Online counsellors who wish to provide, or already provide, online supervision for online counsellors

Aims: The course aims to provide a training that will enable online counsellors to offer online supervision. While it will explore models and theories that have been developed for face-to-face supervision, it will also look at the differences between f2f and online supervision, and encourage the development of specific models for online supervision.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Model and supervise the professional online framework
2. Model and supervise the skilled use of the online relationship
3. Model and supervise the use of theory and research on diversity
4. Model and supervise a user-centred approach to online work
5. Model and supervise the skilled use of the self online
6. Model and supervise the coherent use of theory, research and skills in the online context
7. Model and supervise the self-reflective online practitioner

During the Diploma, you will receive a weekly email from the course tutor, which gives the tasks for the week, along with other course information. You will be required to register weekly and undertake a supervision task in the Campus Practice lab, as well as contributing to discussion threads.

Most weeks there will be two meetings, one teaching and learning, and one course supervision of supervision / case presentation and feedback. These will take place in Skype or similar platforms. The Teaching and Learning session will be Friday mornings. While the supervision groups will be on Tuesday mornings. Occasionally if it is a large teaching group, it may be divided in to two, for example during the presentation weeks. Students are welcome to join both teaching groups, but must attend one of them, as well as the supervision group.


You will also work with your own online supervisees, and while OLT will support you in finding supervisees, you should try to find your own. You will also need an external online supervisor of supervision; ACTO is a good place to seek one if you haven’t already got someone in place. The course is likely to take at least 10 hours per week.

For further information about the Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision, please look at the Brief Course Guide by clicking here.

If you have any questions please contact our administrator Jasmine Lamb, by clicking here.

If you would like to enrol for the course please complete an application form.

Watch a short video about the diploma in online supervision course

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