No two of my days are the same! They differ in tasks and sometimes this can be hard to keep track off so I try to keep lists off everything. There could be days where I am only on my laptop for 20 minutes and there are days where I will be working for 3-4 hours and still not manage everything I wanted to.

My working day has no usual start time however I try to keep it before 6pm for answering any emails. I’m usually greeted by several more emails and enquiries of varying importance about OLT Ltd and what we offer as the evening goes on. I work through all my emails first before answering any enquiries.

My favourite task is sharing the good news that students have passed their courses. This involves printing off various different sheets of information, addresses and letters of congratulations. These are sent with the certificates by recorded delivery. This can take some time either hovering over the printer or waiting in the post office (not my favourite part).
On other days, I can be updating various documents and databases, collating student information for applications, sending out evaluation forms and surveys, sending out invoices and receipts etc. etc. Generally being kind and polite the whole time which 95 percent of the time isn’t hard. [smiles]

If I’m lucky I can get most of my work done during the day however there are times I try to squeeze it in between dinner (or during) and my one year old’s bedtime. Other times I will be starting my working day after bedtime usually about 8.30pm. That can be hard as this is my free time where I ecstatically change the TV channel from Baby TV to absolutely anything else [sigh] but mostly I don’t mind the moment I get stuck in.


I work from my Mum’s house two days out of five for access to the printer and help with my one year old daughter Olivia. Mydaughter has a hate-hate relationship with my laptop and tries to sabotage anything I’m working on. I think I actually saw less of my mum when I actually lived with her but glad we have an excuse to be with each other. I would severely miss the days we spend together even though we can just be typing away from different ends of the room. I also work three days in my other job as a Site Coordinator (it’s not as enjoyable).

Although my other job as a Site Coordinator involves a lot of admin work as well there’s a massive difference in the way both jobs work. This was hard to get my head around at first. When I started I had no idea what some of the counselling jargon meant; Supervision? DOC? Sup of Sup? Goodwill? (ha-ha maybe not the last one). I had to get used to what goes to who out of the Directors and why I needed to copy them into so many emails (I forget often). I have worked at a distance before however nothing really compares to working in this role. At last I have some kind of grip on things and understand my role as an administrator. I’m here to help and I will find a way to accommodate whoever I’m helping in some way shape or form. I’m also here to create order and keep track of things.

Working as an administrator from home with a child can be testing but by god I would give up my other job in a second if I could. I enjoy my administrator job, everything it involves and the people I work with. I enjoy being able to pick and choose when I work (to an extent). It works for me and Olivia which makes my life a little easier. [whew]

Jasmine is the Administrator for Online Training for Counsellors Ltd, working at a distance from Central Scotland on a part-time basis.

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