Creating a therapeutic will.  A planning and strategy workbook.

Cost of Continuing Personal Development – £30

This workbook is suitable for those who work in private practice, voluntary agencies, employee assistance programmes and all therapy, psychology, coaching and support providers who use counselling skills and keep confidential records.

This workbook offers both a reflective and experiential learning where active completion demonstrates clients are at the heart of the work, even in challenging circumstances. It is written in such a way as to be followed easily on a screen with the appendices easily identified and printed off or completed online as you go.

There is emphasis on applying your own style and adapting the instructions so should not be thought of as prescriptive.

Please don’t buy this and leave it in your inbox. Take some time, read the instructions carefully and work your way through the workbook. At the end, you will have compiled your Therapeutic Will.

Once your Therapeutic Will is in place all that remains is for you to confirm you have completed it using Appendix 7. Your CPD certificate and evaluation will be forwarded to you.

The Course Guide and Workbook will be emailed to you after you have made your payment.  Please contact Suzie for payment options..  If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours of payment, please email us using the link on this page. This is self-directed learning and we hope you enjoy it and will want to do further learning with us.

Suzie is a Co-Director of Online Training for Counsellors Ltd, Chair of the Scottish Association of Psychodynamic Counselling a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Supervisor and Tutor.  She has a face to face private practice in addition to her online therapeutic work.

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