The current advice from the UK Government remains that where possible we continue to offer therapeutic services remotely. It is important to remember that whilst a reduction in the current COVID-19, infection rate continues to be reported, this virus is still highly transmissible and potentially fatal and at present there is still no vaccine available.

As we cautiously step forward to begin constructing a new way of living, working and supporting people who seek counselling, the team at OLT4c remain committed to your continued personal and professional development. Our online campus offers professional training and shorter CPD programmes, all of which are specifically designed to offer the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary for continued ethical online practice.

Our individual and community focused approach delivered by tutors who hold expertise in the field of Online Counselling and Online Supervision ensures that you’ll feel supported throughout your learning journey.

If you have questions about any of our courses then please email our administrator

Warm wishes

Suzie Mosson and Maria O’Brien Directors Online Training for Counsellors Ltd

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