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Aims of the Workshop

The workshop aims to show how counselling skills can be translated into email text. It highlights skills that are useful for writing emails that have a therapeutic aim and shows you how to translate the skills of warmth, empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard into text to create a working alliance with an email client. The workshop takes around 6 hours to complete.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop objective is to encourage suitably qualified and experienced practitioners, to experience and understand the distance communication environment.

This Learning is Dependent on Participation in the Following Tasks:

The format for the course takes you through a series of email exchanges with a fictitious online client, Maisie, and her online counsellors Pat and Sally – who have very different personal styles. There are comment boxes highlighting specific phrases and sections of text in the counsellors’ emails to help you notice the skills in action and there is a summary of learning points at the end of each section.

Putting together what you have learned, you are invited to reply to another fictitious online client, Jake, and to upload you’re your replies on the workshop platform. When you have completed the workshop you receive brief personal feedback and your CPD certificate for 6 hours.

This is not a complete course about email counselling (we do not cover the legal and ethical aspects of online counselling here).

If you decide to continue & complete the General Certificate in Online Counselling Skills you will learn how to begin, maintain and end online therapeutic relationships by following a timetable of weekly tasks which introduce you to the “e-counselling room” with a personal tutor who walks alongside on your journey.