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We are committed to the provision of ethical, robust, and up-to-date professional training in the field of online therapeutic and supervisory practice. Our aim is to ensure that effective, compassionate mental health and professional support is accessible to clients and therapists.

Our portfolio of training courses offers flexible part-time study, supported self-paced learning at a distance for post-qualifying, undergraduate and post graduate counsellors and therapeutic practitioners. This means there is likely to be a course to meet your training needs beginning soon.

We are proud of the skills and expertise that our CPCAB approved international tutorial team possess in the field of education and online therapeutic practice. As well as their profound level of knowledge, they are all warm, friendly and supportive individuals who enjoy observing and guiding each student in the generation of fresh insight into ethical and legal online practice.

Selecting OLT as your training provider means being assured that you will develop the critical knowledge, skills and awareness required for safe professional online practice. Afterall, we have enjoyed training many of the leading figures in the field of online counselling and supervision since 2001.

We look forward to welcoming you to our network.

The Team • Directors

Suzie Mosson


I have been part of the OLT4C Team since 2011.

It’s fair to say I’m passionate about online counselling and supervision and have a will to see it developed within an ethical framework. I’m genuinely delighted to have the opportunity to work with new and returning students.  I love “light bulb” moments and the new and creative ideas the students bring to the work. My focus as a Director is marketing and media although in ensuring the whole team has an effective work-life balance I can find myself doing something completely different which keeps me on my toes.

I have a private practice as a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist.  I find it works very well online and clients love the opportunity to receive Therapeutic Emails in addition to using the webcam.

When not working I can be found with family or friends, on my bike in the sun (which involves eating a lot of cake) and currently tracing my family tree.

Maria O’Brien

Director & Tutor

I have a BA (Hons) in Counselling, Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision. I am a Ascentis Certified Supervisor, a BACP Accredited Practitioner and member of Association of Counselling.

I have worked as a counsellor in the voluntary and independent sector since 2003 and as a counselling supervisor since 2013. I am a CPCAB certified tutor and have trained counsellors on how to counsel and supervise safely, ethically and legally online.

I have contributed to a number of writings around the practicalities and process of setting up in Independent Practice and Online Supervision including;

Stokes, A. (2018) Online Supervision: A Handbook for practitioners, Psychotherapy 2.0 Series: Oxon and New York: Routledge

Bor, R. & Stokes, A. (2011) Setting up in Independent practice: Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

The Team • Tutors

Gill Webb

Senior Tutor

My original counselling training was with Marriage Guidance (better known as Relate, the Relationship people) and so working with relationships in their many guises has been a big part of my working life since the mid 1980’s.

My online training with OLT began in 2004. I live and work in a rural area and since I was already very interested in working with computers I felt that using this medium as a therapeutic tool would enable me to reach out to more people.

I was delighted to join the OLT training team and have had the pleasure of introducing online counselling to practicing counsellors for several years now. I feel passionate about the work I do and the thrilling part is that I share my learning, which is on-going, with like-minded people. This is not only inspiring but thoroughly rewarding too.

Dalila Bellometti

Tutor & Supervisor

Hello from Italy! English is my second language which I am still improving through various online courses, works and social media connections.

I am a registered counsellor at CNCP, National Organization for Professional Counsellors, Italy and also hold membership of EAC, the European Association of Counselling. ACTO, Association for Counselling and Therapies Online.

I trained on the f2f approach intersubjective and co-constructive counselling. It is related to the relationship that we build with others along with our life, starting from the first relationship we have with our primary caregiver

E-Counselling led me to explore and ultimately fall in love with this way of working and I embarked on training to be an online counsellor and supervisor by attending the General Certificate in Online Counselling and the Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision. Both these courses provided the knowledge, skills, awareness required for working online with clients and supervisees. I also had lots of fun along the way!

Olivia Djouadi


My name is Olivia Djouadi and I am from England and also raised in America. I am an UKCP accredited psychotherapist and counsellor.

My qualifications are as followed: BA in Writing and History, Certification in Counselling Skills, Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Postgraduate Diploma in IMT (Body Psychotherapy), Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Certificate and Diploma in Online Counselling (OLT), Diploma in Online Supervision (OLT).

While studying to be a psychotherapist I used to help run support groups online for those with disabilities and also those who had been through childhood abuse. As a result I saw first-hand how important the Internet could be to ones healing process.

Upon starting my first course with OLT I saw how incredibly important this type of work was to those needing support. I later went on to do both the diploma and the diploma in online supervision to assist those online. An area which I viewed online counselling to be beneficial was to work with those who had chronic conditions due to physical disabilities, medical disabilities, learning disabilities or mental disabilities. Getting counselling online means that those with conditions can get help from the comfort of their own home with me. 

I am also someone with a health condition called type I diabetic having lived with that for over 45 years. I am also a Soul Midwife and in the past volunteered for those with cancer or dementia. I also support retired military veterans in my area. My website is www.oliviadjouadi.online.

Leah Booker


Hi, lovely to be in contact with you. I too have taken the journey having trained with OLT4c as an online therapist and supervisor. I am a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Supervisor and currently a member of the BACP.

Online working offers me a way of working inclusively that I have been trying to achieve all my working life. I feel it’s essential that we use developments in IT to enable us to offer a means of communicating that can enable people to draw on their strengths. Through OLT4c I am pleased to say that I support people to develop their online personal philosophy and feel competent to work with the challenges that working online can bring.

I have many years of experience working in Education as well as in Sexual Abuse Specialist Services, Trauma and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities. Relationship is at the heart of all the work we do be that online or face to face.

Emma Marshall


Hello!  My name is Emma, I am a Liverpool based Integrative Counsellor (that’s a fancy way of saying I am trained in a few styles, anchored by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but am easily distracted!) I currently works for a non profit, CAMHS funded organisation, both online and in person with children and young people (aged 10-18). I completed my own Online Certificate with OLT in 2017 and then the Online Supervision Diploma in 2018. I also like musical theatre, playing poker and watching films where Jackie Chan throws himself off buildings, because he does it for real without a safety net and I think that’s cool

Melanie Lovegrove

Visiting Tutor

I am an accredited counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I have worked in both counselling agencies and hospices supporting all age ranges through some of their most challenging times in life.

I was introduced to working therapeutically online by becoming a client for someone in training on the online Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision course, it was fascinating how the therapeutic relationship can transfer over cyber space. Since then I have undertaken the Diploma in Online Counselling and I feel passionately that this way of working can improve access to counselling for people with and without disabilities.

I am very aware of the importance of a good work/life balance and love to travel when I can and indulge my adventurous side!

The Team • Support Staff

Jasmine Lamb


My role is to support both the team and students by being first point of contact for email enquiries and managing the administration behind the scenes. I work part time and aim to respond to emails within 48 hours of receiving them.

I live in beautiful Central Scotland and my experience comes from working on a petrochemical site. Sometimes this means working in the office, sometimes in a hardhat and boots marching across site in all weathers. Working with both staff and clients means no two days are ever the same.

Working remotely can be a challenge but the varied and flexible aspects of the work interest me. I look forward to “meeting” counsellors, students and organisations from all around the world and will do my best to make sure things run smoothly.

Gill Jones


MA (Univ. Birmingham), Diploma Supervision, (Univ. of Birmingham) | Advanced and General Certificates Counselling (University of Leicester) | Founder Chairman of ACTO | Former director of OLT. Retired. BACP Senior | Accredited Counsellor | UK Registered Independent Counsellor.

I began my counselling practice in 1991 and moved into independent practice in 1996, adding supervision and counsellor training to my skill set with my Masters degree. As a founding Director for Online Training for Counsellors Ltd. I wrote and piloted the courses on which the current General Certificate and Diploma courses are now based.

I co-authored (with Anne Stokes) “Online Counselling: A Handbook for Practitioners” (2009) Sage publications. I have had articles published both written by myself and jointly authored with ISMHO Case Study Group.

Anne Stokes


Diploma in Counselling | MSc In Counselling Supervision and Training | MBA | BACP Registered Practitioner | United Kingdom Registered Independent Practitioner | Former director of OLT | Retired.

I have worked as a counsellor since 1985 in independent practice and within the drug and alcohol field. I have trained counsellors to certificate, diploma and masters level, and works nationwide with companies to provide counselling support and interpersonal training.

The Team • Social Media Support

Sophie Robertson

Social Media Guru

I help with all things social media at OLT4C. I keep our platforms updated and our followers informed!