A new season of talks OLT TALKS  2016-17

A SERIES OF TALKS using speakers from Online Training for Counsellors Ltd. (OLT) who talk about how they integrate the internet into their working practice.

To join this talk and ask Olivia questions, please visit onlinevents.co.uk and register for a free place in the chatroom.

Wednesday 28th September
7.00pm – 8.00pm (GMT)

Online Counselling For Those With Diabetes


Online Event Olivia Djouadi

My name is Olivia Djouadi and I am from England and also raised in America. I am an UKCP accredited psychotherapist and counsellor. Upon starting my first course with OLT I saw how incredibly important this type of work was to those needing support. I later went on to do both the diploma and the diploma in online supervision to assist those online. An area which I viewed online counselling to be beneficial was to work with those who had chronic conditions due to physical disabilities, medical disabilities, learning disabilities or mental disabilities. I am also someone with a condition as I have been a type I diabetic for over 40 years.

John Wilson will be conducting the interview using a Skype video link that will be streamed live to our live video page. You will be able to see and hear the conversation and use the chat room to offer your own comments and questions.

My email is oliviadjouadi@yahoo.com

Website: www.diabetes.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Diabetic_counselling-475350859337561

Come and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

To join this talk and ask questions, please visit
onlinevents.co.uk and register for a free place in the chatroom